Attorney Ad Litem in Sarasota Divorce cases

Sarasota Divorce Courts have long sought to protect minor children from the often contentious litigation that arises from divorce cases. Traditionally, the testimony of minor children was excluded, or allowed in very limited circumstances, and was to be avoided at all costs.

Unfortunately, sometimes the children are the best witnesses in contested custody matters, and it is impossible for the Court to make a fair decision without giving the children a voice.

Increasingly, Sarasota Courts have been using Florida Statute §61.401 to directly appoint an attorney to represent the children. This attorney is called an "Attorney ad Litem", and represents the child, or children, exclusively during the divorce.

Sarasota Attorneys ad Litem can be a valuable asset to the divorce Court, as it allows the children to have representation unaffected by the desires of the parents, and gives the child a voice to assist the Court in making its decision.

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