Divorce Modification & Enforcement Attorneys In Sarasota

Under specific circumstances, divorced spouses may require modification to a Florida divorce judgment to meet the changing needs of the parties involved. Additionally, individuals may require enforcement to court orders due to a lack of fulfillment on behalf of the responsible party. Our Sarasota divorce lawyers can assist you with determining which changes are likely to be accepted by the court, and whether or not the change is significant to a degree which justifies the modification of the initial court order.

Modifying a Florida divorce requires that individuals who seek court order modification provide a substantial change in circumstances. However, Florida law doesn't specifically define what amounts to a substantial change. Due to the relative nature of evidence required for approval of court order modifications, it’s important to consult with experienced family law attorneys with Tobaygo Law for assistance through each step of the modification and/or enforcement process, from start to finish.

Common Types Of Modification

Modifications to divorce orders, child custody arrangements, and time-sharing plans comprise a set of requirements different from the initial case requirements. If you require modification to spousal support or matters involving minor children, contact a divorce attorney with our firm for prompt legal assistance.

Spousal Support Modification

A significant change in financial circumstances to former spouses who pay and receive alimony, such as rehabilitative alimony, typically warrants modification to the support order. There are a number of specific factors outlined by Florida law which determine the circumstances under which court-ordered spousal support decrees may be modified or voided — including changes to income, marital status, and health, among other factors. Contact our family law firm for knowledgeable assistance with filing for modification or enforcement to a judicial decree for spousal support.

Child Custody & Visitation Modification

Time-sharing schedules may be modified to meet the best interests of child or children. If there are changes to your work schedule, to a child's needs or to other factors which warrant a modification, our Sarasota attorneys can pursue a modification on your behalf. Changes to an existing time-sharing schedule are easier to obtain than modifications to child custody arrangements. However, modifications to child custody may be awarded in cases in which the child's physical or the emotional welfare of the child is in jeopardy. Schedule an initial consultation with our firm today.

Child Support Modification

Courts may modify existing child support orders if the party seeking a modification demonstrates that a significant change of circumstances has occurred since the time that the last child support order was entered, including a significant change in the income of either parent, increased needs of a minor child or other significant changes pertaining to a child's healthcare, education or basic needs which are required to ensure proper development and the child's well-being. Changes to the circumstances of the primary custodian may also warrant modification.

Enforcement Of Court Orders

If a former spouse refuses to meet the terms of a divorce property judgment or order of support, he or she may be held in contempt of court, which may result in jail time, significant fines, and a number of other legal consequences. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience with assisting clients in the enforcement of judicial decrees of all type within the family law practice area in Florida. Schedule a consultation with our firm to discuss the number of different legal motions available to ensure enforcement of a court order.