Travis Baldwin

a year ago

My wife has worked within the legal community here in Sarasota for more than a decade and when our family personally needed legal advice we began looking for an attorney that would meet our standards, and Angela Tobaygo unequivocally met and exceeded those standards. Her demeanor is one of a counselor you cares about her clients, her rates were highly competitive and the advice was excellent, leading to a quick and affordable solution to our problem. The positive impact Angela Tobaygo has had on our lives cannot be surmised in a review paragraph as the resolution she helped us receive was truly an answered prayer. We cannot express our gratitude to Mrs. Tobaygo enough and leaving this review is minor reflection of our customer satisfaction. Angela Tobaygo was excellent counsel, exhibited stellar communication, exemplary advice, and truly gave us a sense of comfort knowing that my wife and I had an ally, someone fighting for us and putting our needs and rights first. We simply cannot “recommend” Angela Tobaygo enough. Angela was worth ten times her legal fees and we can only pray that if you find yourself in need of legal counsel that you too employ Angela Tobaygo as your counsel. You will not be disappointed.

Robert Beer

a year ago

When I first met Mr. Tobaygo I was immediately taken in by his charming and warm personality. At first this should make one skeptical, because after all I am here for an attorney. Mr. Tobaygo was very knowledgeable about the subject matters at hand and offered candid advice, which at the time I didn't appreciate as much as I should. I consulted other attorneys about my situation as well, but somehow didn't quite get the good feeling I had with Mr. Tobaygo and decided to follow my instincts. I was not disappointed.

Not only is Mr. Tobaygo extremely knowledgeable about his job, but he often chose the less expensive route other lawyers wanted to take, because he said "all this will do 80% of the time is cost you more money, but bring no more results". Mr. Tobaygo is honest, which doesn't come often in his business and cares about the person he has in front of him. I would highly recommend this man to be your attorney.

Ml Magac

a year ago

Sean Tobaygo and his staff are excellent. My case was quite unusual, a lengthy process and emotional. Sean diligently researched, brought together witnesses, testimony, case law and won in court. Sean and his staff responded to my concerns and the emotions of the case with knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend Tobaygo Law if you are ever in need of a professional, caring legal team. Thank you Sean for keeping my family together.. Michaelynn

Richeal Parisi

2 years ago

I highly recommend this law firm for any occasion. The owners really took a very personalized interest in my small case and made me feel very secure and that they had everything handled correctly. I appreciated the fact that they hand walked me through the whole process and made it extremely easy for me to understand. The owner Mr. Abel was even so kind to come with me when I had a court date, which I was a witness in so he could learn about the person at faults lawyers intentions in the case and how it effected my case. Throughout the whole process Miguel and Jessica always had great communication with me and handled everything in a timely fashion. I loved working with both of them because they made the process in a way fun. I hope i don't ever need a lawyer again but if I do I have no hesitation on who to call. Tobaygo Law!

John Babcock

a year ago

I am very pleased with the representation I received from Mr. Tobaygo. Sean did an excellent job in handling my case. He was professional, polite and always kept me well informed though out my proceedings. My calls and questions were always addressed in a timely manor through out my case. I would highly recommend Sean to my colleagues, friends and family and will use him again in the future.

Jesse M

a year ago

What is important to me is that I can get someone on the phone when I need to. Or, if I can’t, I get a quick call back. I also appreciate the sound and honest advice, as well as performance in the courtroom. Great firm with intelligent and skilled lawyers.