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Family law encompasses a wide range of family-related matters, which include the division of marital and non-marital property and determining child support arrangements. The financial responsibilities, custodial rights, eligibility, and additional family member obligations are regulated and governed by laws within the State of Florida as well as a number of federal laws — family law procedures, regulations, and requirements vary widely from state-to-state.

Navigating the complex legal landscape of family law in Sarasota requires skilled legal counsel and region-specific representation. The experienced family law attorneys with Tobaygo Law understand the complexities regarding matters of family law. Our attorneys skillfully guide each client throughout family law matters to help them achieve the most favorable outcome to their situation. Schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation of your case.

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Tobaygo Law is a full-service Sarasota family law firm that is committed to providing top quality legal representation and highly personalized counsel to each of our clients. Conveniently located in Sarasota, our law firm serves clients with all facets of family law, including no-fault divorce and uncontested divorce


The State of Florida only allows for the dissolution of marriage, or divorce, when the marriage is irretrievably broken or one person is mentally incapacitated. To file, one or both parties are required to have lived in Florida for at least six months prior to filing for divorce. Our divorce attorneys can help you with all of the matters pertaining to a divorce, including mediation, spousal support, and modification and enforcement to court orders. Our attorneys have the experience and legal skill to adequately represent clients both with contested divorce and uncontested dissolution of marriage.

Child Support

Parents have a legal financial obligation to contribute to the cost of raising their child or children. Florida courts determine child support to the noncustodial parent by regarding state guidelines. Other factors that are taken into account when determining child support include the respective income of each parent as well as the cost of basic needs for the child or children, which include health insurance, educational costs, and childcare, among other items. For assistance with filing a petition for child support, contact attorneys who are experienced in family law in Sarasota, FL. We assist clients with child support matters in divorce and paternity cases, as well as modification petitions and collection actions.

Prenuptial Agreements

Often regarded as a means of protection to one spouse’s wealth in the case of a divorce, prenuptial agreements are an effective method for tailoring to a couple the one-size-fits-all laws governing divorce in Florida. While a judge will ultimately determine how financial and physical property will be divided, a prenuptial agreement can provide a couple with the ability to make clear their preferences to asset and property division. A postnuptial agreement is created after a couple marries and specifies the manner in which assets and property will be divided should the couple divorce.

Child Custody & Time Sharing

The well-being of a child is at the forefront of laws regarding child custody and visitation. If you are the parent to minor children at the time of a divorce or the dissolution of a relationship, our family lawyers can help you establish child custody and time-sharing arrangements. We have extensive experience assisting clients with a wide range of child custody and time-sharing issues, paternity cases, parental relocation disputes, and establishing or modifying parenting plans, among other matters regarding family law with children.

Distribution Of Assets

Both marital and non-marital distribution of assets, as well as the division of property, are two central issues in most divorce cases, as these matters introduce a significant impact on both spouses for the financial future. The State of Florida requires marital assets to be distributed on an equitable basis, which does not guarantee the equal distribution of assets and property between the parties. The assets are divided at the discretion of the presiding judge. As such, it is imperative to retain a Sarasota attorney who will work aggressively to protect your interests.

Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders

The legal standards for domestic violence offenses and penalties are typically dictated by state laws, though federal legislation makes the act of abuse — including mental abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and neglect — towards a domestic partner, a spouse or a child a serious crime to which there are severe legal consequences. If you are a victim of domestic abuse or domestic violence, our Sarasota family lawyers can promptly assist you with filing a restraining order against your spouse or partner. Additionally, we provide representation to clients who seek opposition to a restraining order in divorce cases which involve allegations of domestic violence.

Modifications & Enforcement

Modifications and enforcement commonly refer to child support, alimony, and spousal support. The modification and enforcement of court order are among the most complex family law issues, requiring a thorough understanding of Florida law. Modifications are frequently requested by either the custodial or noncustodial parent when there is a change in living circumstances, such as a change in income. We represent clients who either seek or oppose a modification of court orders as well as those who require enforcement of court orders and divorce decrees.


In Florida, the mother is presumed to be the sole custodians if the parents were unmarried during the birth of a child or children. The father must initiate court proceedings to establish paternity and to obtain custody and/or visitation rights to the child. What’s more, the mother must bring a paternity action if she wishes to obtain a child support order. Paternity disputes often emerge with regard to the rights and obligations of a potential father. Contact our family law attorneys for skillful representation for paternity matters in Florida.


Adoption can be a complex process, with unexpected issues and requirements. Our law firm can assist adoptive parents with terminating parental rights, finalizing an adoption, and expediting an adoption case. Our mission is to help parents understand and use adoption laws to protect their parental rights.