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Even people in the worst of marriages find the process of divorce to be emotional, complex and frustrating. Having the right divorce lawyers can make a big difference. No matter what expectations divorcing spouses may have for their long-term future, their financial and family stability will suffer significantly in the near term. If you are considering a divorce, understand this: The hard truth is that you will be living through one of the most miserable times of your life over the next several months.

One of your most important decisions is to hire an attorney who knows how to zealously protect your interests, while getting you through this journey in the best emotional shape possible.

Divorce Lawyers Serving Sarasota County And Manatee County, FL

At Tobaygo Law, we will appoint the appropriate divorce lawyer to your unique case. The cost of a divorce lawyer at our prestigious firm is highly affordable. We understand that your family may be experiencing emotional and mental unease, and we do not wish to add to those existing burdens. Instead, our goal is to represent you during this significant time. If you reside in Sarasota County, FL, and/or its surrounding areas, such as Manatee County, FL, and Bradenton County, FL, count on us to protect your interests during a divorce.

There is no blueprint for how to find a good divorce lawyer. At Tobaygo Law, you do not have to ever worry or be concerned about the experience of the divorce lawyer that is assigned to you. Our divorce attorneys have many years of extensive divorce litigation and advocacy experience. We will go above and beyond to protect your property, interests, and the well-being of your children. We are dedicated to ensuring that your divorce does not ruin you or your family.

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Our Firm Values Inclusivity

There are often certain stigmas associated with divorces. Since statistics show that women have a greater likelihood of filing for divorce than men, many people have arrived at the conclusion that women enjoy filing for divorces in order to collect funds from their husbands. This is surely a stereotype. However, just like women, men also deserve the right to be respected and protected during divorces. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer for men, you should look no further than the experienced divorce attorneys at Tobaygo Law in Sarasota, FL. We ensure that distribution of property and assets are equitable. In addition, we protect paternity rights and interests, thereby allowing children to have equal access to both parents after a divorce.

Whether you are male, female, or even if you have a prior criminal and/or civil record, you can count on trustworthy divorce attorneys at Tobaygo Law to serve you during your unique divorce. Our firm values inclusivity and we refuse to deny legal protection to any potential client on the sole basis of external factors (such as age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, etc.).

The Court Is There To Protects Your Rights —  Our Lawyers Fight To Protect Your Interests

Tobaygo Law attorneys are former prosecutors who bring a positive attitude, experience and zeal to divorce litigation. Our success is built on the foundation of trial preparation. We come to settlement negotiations prepared with the strongest, clearest evidence to win in court in the event that the other party isn't prepared to negotiate a just and acceptable settlement.

Contact us to arrange a consultation with an experienced Sarasota divorce attorney today. We will give you honest, direct divorce advice to help you make a sound decision for your unique circumstance.

We take time to listen to our clients, understand their immediate goals and long-term objectives, and then pursue litigation strategies with those concerns in mind. Throughout the divorce, our clients are informed and empowered to remain in control of making decisions.

Attorneys Sean and Angela Tobaygo have represented hundreds of clients in divorce and family law matters, including:

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Divorce can be an awful process, but with the right divorce attorney, it does not have to be. No matter how severe or “messy” you may believe your case to be, our experienced divorce attorneys are prepared to serve and protect you.

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