Uncontested Divorce

Florida divorces do not have to be costly, emotional battles. With the right divorce attorney, you and your former spouse can experience ease and compassion in a private meeting (as opposed to intimidating courtrooms). Experienced Sarasota family law attorneys at Tobaygo Law can help you obtain a stress-free experience during this significant transitioning period in your life.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

If you and your spouse can agree on some, or all, of the issues surrounding the dissolution of your marriage, an uncontested divorce can reduce stress, save you time, and allow you to preserve more of your assets. But proper guidance is important. If your divorce documents are drafted incorrectly, jointly held assets or debts may reappear as the subject of tension and further litigation months, even years later. The goal in no contest divorces is to resolve all of your issues with clarity and finality, so both parties can move on. With the proper guidance, an uncontested divorce in Florida can be used as an effective tool to ensure that the legal and personal rights of you and your spouse are protected.

You will also find that unnecessary court hearings, costly discovery and divorce attorney's fees will be eliminated. Our Sarasota family attorneys can guide you through your uncontested divorce process. We will advise you properly, informing you of the potential issues that you may have missed, and providing you with keen insight regarding what assets or debts may be worth fighting for.

Florida Uncontested Divorce

No contest divorces are ideal for spouses who are able to agree and compromise on the assets and debt that they are willing to share. In most cases, people who divorce uncontestedly are aware of what they own and agreeable when dividing their assets and debts. If you are willing to negotiate with your partner, then you can choose how to best divide the marital property.

  • Spouses may agree to divide assets and debts equally.
  • Spouses may agree to divide assets and debts according to each party’s earnings.
  • Spouses may agree to divide assets and debts according to who was responsible for the earnings/debts during the marriage.

Uncontested divorces are extremely valuable means of reaching a settlement with your spouse. Divorces are known to be messy, but they do not have to be. Under the guidance of an experienced uncontested divorce attorney, you and your former spouse will experience an easy overall process.

One of the most beneficial factors of Florida uncontested divorces is that it is inexpensive. Instead of spending numerous funds on costly court proceedings, hearings and litigation attorneys, you have the option of settling with your former partner in a private meeting with an experienced Sarasota family attorney. This sort of environment often helps to minimize pressure and tension. In fact, studies show that uncontested divorces often allow partners to be truthful and fully vulnerable with each other. They are able to make sound decisions without the influence of outside opinions and other external forces.

In addition, uncontested divorces in Sarasota, FL, are not as time consuming as contested divorces. You and your former partner are largely in control over your process. You will have an open, secure environment to express your concerns and interests, and arrive at a settling agreement that benefits the both of you. This way, you will have adequate time to heal and begin your new life.

In many cases, an uncontested divorce with children is the best way to proceed. Children often need additional emotional support during nasty divorces, but a no contest divorce can help save your children from additional stress during a pivotal time in their upbringing.

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If you and your former spouse are in the process of filing a divorce, you should contact the experienced Sarasota, FL, divorce lawyers at Tobaygo Law. Our trustworthy family lawyers have numerous years of combined experience in divorce litigation, divorce proceedings, and divorce documents. If you believe that an uncontested divorce is the route for you, allow our family lawyers to assist you.

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