Sarasota Parenting Plan Attorneys

A divorce can drastically alter the dynamics of a family. Not only must debts and assets be divided between the two former spouses, but the emotional well-being and placement of children also become a significant consideration. Often, parenting plans are necessary to help govern the placement of the child after a divorce.

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are documents that outline how a child will be cared for by both parents after a separation or divorce. The purpose of parenting plans is to protect the interests and well-being of the child. They typically include how issues concerning the child will be addressed, how each parent plans to communicate, and how important decisions regarding the child will be made. Parenting plan schedules may also be created to govern how and when each parent will spend time with the child. Making a parenting plan can seem stressful initially, but by working with an experienced parenting plan attorney, it does not have to be. Parents should consider the following when drafting a parenting plan:

  • The schedule and availability of both parents
  • The child’s medical care and health insurance
  • Education and extracurricular expenses
  • Religious and cultural expenses
  • Travel expenses
  • Ways to address conflicts, issues and emergencies
  • Child support

Creating a successful parenting plan is both necessary and possible for families. At Tobaygo Law, our experienced divorce lawyers can assist you to ensure that all of your child’s needs and interests are upheld, protected and accounted for.

Parenting plans are formed around the concept of shared parental responsibility. This does not necessarily mean all expenses or time-sharing will be equally divided but rather will be divided among both parents in whichever way benefits the child most. There is no exact guidelines for developing shared parental responsibilities in parenting plans. Each case is unique and requires different accommodations. Some parents like to split all responsibilities equally. Others choose to be responsible for certain tasks (such as picking up the child for school), while the other takes care of the child’s financial needs. There are many ways to divide and assign parental responsibilities. The assistance of an experienced Sarasota family law attorney can make formulating a parenting plan less overwhelming.

Benefits of a Parenting Plan

There are numerous benefits to parenting plans. By creating a concrete and organized system for raising and providing for the child, both parents can rest assured that the needs and desires of the child will be met. In many cases, parenting plans prevent unnecessary conflict that would have otherwise been present. Most significantly, parenting plans enable the child to understand and know that both parents have his/her best interests in mind. Divorces can be difficult for children. By creating a parenting plan that anticipates and addresses the needs of the child, the child can live a life as close to normalcy as possible. This sense of stability often prevents emotional distress and unruly behavior.

Parenting Plan Attorneys are Necessary

While parenting plans are designed to be flexible and detail schedules under which to raise and care for a child after a separation or divorce, parents may encounter disagreements and obstacles. Often, a mediation parenting plan may be necessary. An experienced family law attorney can counsel both parents, and help them draft a document that accounts for the child’s needs, while also considering the time availability, needs, income and expenditures of both parents.

Contact an experienced Sarasota family law attorney at Tobaygo Law today for assistance with your parenting plan. Our empathetic family attorneys will help you reach an agreement that protects and considers the needs of all the parties (family members) involved.