Modifiying or Terminating Child Support

Child Support Modifications

Florida child support establishment, modification, and termination is governed by Florida statute §61.30.

This statute allows for parents to modify child support any time a change in circumstances takes place IF that change would result in the child support guidelines changing by 15% or $50.00. Keep in mind that this can be the result of either a change in income, or a change in the amount of time-sharing/custody that the parents are exercising.

As you can imagine, this allows for a significant number of parents to Petition the court for changes to their child support obligation. Prior to filing your Petition however, our attorneys will run a variety of proposed child support worksheets to determine the range of possible child support amounts based on a "best case" and worst case" scenario.

In preparation for your consult, you'll want to gather at least three months of your paystubs, as well as any other proof of income that you may have. If the basis for your child support modification is that the other parent is making more money, bring as much information as you can about their new employment situation.

If the change is based on time-sharing or custody, make sure to keep detailed records of the exchanges and overnights. As with all Florida family law issues, the better the evidence, the better the chances for success.

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