Sarasota Custody Lawyer

In Sarasota, Custody Attorneys no longer refer to "Custody", but rather to a concept called "time-sharing".

The change in name, if not in practice, came in 2009 with an overhaul of the Florida Statutes that govern something called a "parenting plan".

Florida parenting plans are required by statute in all Florida custody actions, and outline the basic time-sharing (or custody and visitation) schedules, as well as things like parental responsibility and communication between the children and parents.

The Florida Supreme Court's Parenting Plan form is a good start to get a basic idea of what the Sarasota Divorce Courts are going to be looking for, but your Custody Attorney should be able to provide you with a 12th circuit parenting plan, which is tailored for Sarasota divorce courts and for the time-sharing issues that typically come up in Florida custody actions.

Florida Statute §61.13, and it's subparts a. through t. govern the factors that the Sarasota Divorce and Custody Courts MUST take into consideration when creating your Florida parenting plan.

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