Should I use a forensic accountant in my Florida divorce?

If a Florida divorce involves a marital estate with significant assets or debts, or one party owns or is a partner in a small business, a forensic accountant can be a valuable resource.

In determining alimony and child support amounts, the Courts consider how much the parties' make, or own. The parties' income can even be considered by the Court in determining how to divide the marital assets, so it is important to ensure  that you can present an accurate account of your spouse's income and holdings.

Some parties will take great efforts to disguise their true earnings, using business debts and expense, multiple accounts, or real property to absorb or hide their income. Often parties will seek to "de-value" their assets, by providing incorrect appraisals using invalid valuation methods, or by encumbering assets with false debt. Without the assistance of an accountant, the parties and their attorneys can be left to rely on the information provided by the other side, or to guess as to where to start looking for hidden income or assets.

Forensic accountants become part of the legal team, assisting and advising the attorney as to which bank accounts to subpoena for review, or what questions to ask during a deposition to reveal a party's actual income. They can suggest alternate valuation methods for personal and real property, and can present the results of their investigation to the Court through their testimony.

If you have a Sarasota or Bradenton divorce that involves significant assets or debt, or if you are concerned that your spouse is hiding income or assets, contact one of our attorneys today. We can help explain the process, and help decide if using an accountant would be an advantage in your Sarasota Divorce. Call us at (941) 404-8908