Valuing the marital home in a Sarasota Divorce

For most Divorce Attorneys in Sarasota, ensuring an accurate valuation of their client's Marital Home is a critial step in securing a fair settlement, or a favorable result in a divorce trial.

Several methods exist for valuing the marital home, but in any divorce in Sarasota, the client will want to be familar enough with the home to provide some supplemental testimony as to the home's value.

The use of a local Sarasota appraiser in your divorce can be extremely helpful, as Florida's Evidence Code when applied to Florida Divorces almost always requires live, in-person testimony from an expert at your divorce trial as to the value of your home.

Comparable Sales, or consideration of the property as a rental unit can both be factors in valuing the marital home in your Florida Divorce, but the most important thing is to provide the Court with a reliable fair market value of the marital home, so the Court can then make a decision as to if, and how to divide the home's value. Further, choosing the date of valuation for the home can be a significant strategic consideration for your Divorce.

Often, clients ask who gets the marital home in a florida divorce. This depends on the value of the home, the financial resources of both parties, and whether there are considerations for the minor children.

If one party gets exclusive use and possession of the marital home, Sarasota Divorce Courts will often require the party who keeps the home to "buy out" the other party.

Getting the best result in your Sarasota divorce depends on many factors, so talk to one of our Sarasota Divorce attorneys about valuing your marital home.